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PECU will replace all current credit and debit cards in the 4th quarter of 2016 with EMV cards, regardless of the expiration date. These EMV cards have an embedded computer chip in addition to the magnetic stripe on the back. Use of the EMV card at an EMV-enabled terminal will provide additional security for your transactions and account information. Upon arrival, please activate your new EMV card and destroy your old card. For your security, PECU will deactivate your old card within 30 days of the EMV card being mailed. Your new EMV card will have the same card number and PIN. You can activate the new EMV card several ways: 1) call 1-800-346-6482 or 512-479-6482 (you must have your PECU account number and EMV card number you are trying to activate); 2) use your new EMV card for an inquiry or withdrawal at an ATM terminal; 3) call PECU Financial Services during normal business hours at 512-474-1955; or 4) bring your new EMV card in-person to any of our branch locations.