6 Ways to Keep Your Debit Card Safe from Fraud

Your financial security is a top priority at PECU. This time, we are featuring 6 Ways To Keep Your Debit Card Safe From Fraud. If you have questions, please contact a PECU Financial Services Representative by calling 800-772-1955 or e-mailing member@pecutx.org.


  1. Protect Your Debit Card PIN and Card Information

Your card information, such as card number, expiration date and CVV, are what scammers seek. If you get a call claiming to be your CU and the caller requests your account number or existing card details, don’t trust it. PECU will never ask you for that information over the phone. When in doubt, hang up and call PECU directly at 800-772-1955.

You’ll also need to keep your Personal Identification Number (PIN) safe. Memorize your PIN and avoid sharing it with anyone. Don’t write it down or store it in your wallet or phone. Your PIN is the key to your funds. Keeping it confidential reduces the risk of unwanted access to your account.


  1. Keep A Close Watch On Your Account

It’s a good idea to check your account daily for any unusual activity. Using online banking is the easiest way to check regularly. PECU members can register for online banking on our website and can subsequently log in through the website or on the PECU Mobile App. See something you don’t recognize on your account? Contact us immediately at 800-772-1955.


  1. Set Debit Card Controls and Alerts

Keeping an eye on your account is even easier with debit card alerts. In the PECU Mobile App, you can set up e-alerts for account activities, such as large transactions or ATM withdrawals. This proactive approach allows you to quickly identify and address any problems. In addition, you can use the MyCardRules App available in the App Store or Google Play, to set controls for your debit card. Using the app, you can easily set transaction limits, or even turn your card on or off as needed. You also have the ability to manage where your card can be used and get real-time alerts.


  1. Be Cautious With Online Transactions

Only make online purchases from reputable websites with secure payment gateways. Before you enter your card information, be sure the website’s URL starts with “https://” indicating a secure connection and the payment page is separate from any cart or shopping page. Often, the existence of advertisements on a payment page can be a clue that the page is not secure. It’s also a good practice to avoid making purchases on public wi-fi networks, as they may not be secure.


  1. Immediately Report Lost Or Stolen Cards

If your debit card is lost or stolen, notify us immediately to prevent unauthorized transactions. You can block your card 24/7 by calling our main line at 800-772-1955 and following the prompts for lost or stolen card, or you can block your card through PhoneStep at 800-346-6482.


  1. Make Sure PECU Has Your Contact Information

If you’ve recently changed your contact information and didn’t update your information with us, please do it now. Make sure we have your correct phone number and e-mail address. At PECU, we monitor your card 24/7. You’ll be notified by our fraud center via text, e-mail or phone if we notice suspicious activity. Simply respond to let us know if the transactions were authorized or not.



If your card has been compromised, the most important thing to do is to suspend it immediately. You can call us directly at 800-772-1955 or turn your card off through the MyCard Rules app. If you receive an alert from our fraud center about potential fraudulent charges, you may reply to the alert to tell us if the charge is valid or if a transaction is not recognized. If you are suspicious whether the fraud alert was sent by PECU, remember we would never ask for your card number or card details. When in doubt, call Card Services during business hours at 800-772-1955, option 2.


Next, get a new debit card. For your convenience, our Main Office, Walnut Creek Branch and Round Rock location can issue a new card right there in the branch. Request a dispute form for any fraudulent charges that were approved. If you have any doubts, call PECU at 800-772-1955.