Teen Accounts

Minimum $5 to open

For Teens age 13 to 18

No Membership Fee

Free E-bill Pay

300+ Free ATMs

We get it.

Your generation needs more responsibility faster than any generation before you. You need to be heard. You need people to understand the things that shape your world. That’s why we created Club Bling. Club Bling is for teens age 13 up to 18. With Club Bling, you can get real-world solutions to real-world problems. You can learn financial responsibility in a fun setting that is controlled by you & your parents through various account options. It takes just a $5 deposit to open a Club Bling savings account and the new memberfee is waived. There are also other exciting account options you can discuss with your parents such as a Club Bling Free Checking Account, Club Bling Debit Card, No Annual Fee MasterCard, e-Alerts, e-Statements and Overdraft options. But, Club Bling is about far more than just managing your cha-ching. It’s a way of life–your way of life. Don’t just become a member–participate! You can win cash, share opinions and participate in fun contests. If your friends ask what Club Bling is, tell them Club Bling is the mack daddy of all teen accounts. Get more swag, more scrill, more clout and more shout–get Club Bling!

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