Additional Services

Automatic Transfers: Arrange funds to be transferred between PECU accounts and accounts at other financial institutions.

Cashier’s Checks: We offer cashier’s checks at all lobby locations.

Direct Deposit: Have your payroll check or any recurring payment directly deposited to your PECU account. Contact our Member Services Department.

Double-Nickel: We offer additional benefits for members 55 years and over.

Gift Cards: MasterCard gift cards that are good for any occasion. Cards can be issued for any amount between $10 and $1,000.

Money Orders: We offer Travelers Express Money Orders up to $1,000 each at all lobby locations.

Night Deposit: Available at the Main Office, 42nd Street branch, Oak Hill branch and the Walnut Creek branch.

Notary Public: Notary Public services are available to members at no charge at all lobby locations.

Reloadable Cards: Safe and convenient pre-paid cards. Amounts can range from $20 to $3,000.

Safe Deposit Boxes: Available only at the Walnut Creek Branch. Call for availability. A $10 key deposit required.

Size Annual Rate
3 X 5 15.00
3 X 10 30.00
5 X 10 45.00
10 X 10 70.00

Swap & Shop: Are you selling a car or sofa? We offer a monthly classified publication for members at no charge. Swap & Shop is distributed to over 100 offices and businesses. Members should submit their ads by the end of the month to be included the next month. Submit your ad by fax, email, mail or stop by any of our locations. Please include your name and account number. PECU does not endorse any ad or take responsibility of the products or services in this publication.

U.S. Savings Bonds: We redeem U.S. Savings Bonds Series EE and Series I at all lobby locations. We do not redeem Series H bonds. PECU members can purchase bonds by going to Treasury Direct.

Wire Transfers: We offer Western Union, out-going domestic, out-going foreign, and incoming wire transfers. Fees are posted in the Fee Schedule. We do not offer Western Union Quick Collect services.