Kids Accounts

PECU Zoo Crew Kids Accounts

The PECU Zoo Crew is for kids 12 and under. New kids account members receive an exciting animal prize bag that contains a cool membership card, fun animal visor, attractive animal stickers, useful animal pencils, neon animal erasers, a great plastic animal, and a free pass to see real live animals at the Austin Zoo!  There’s never been a more fun way to help teach your kids about the importance of saving money.  Kids love animals and they’ll love being part of the new PECU Zoo Crew!  To help get you started in the PECU Zoo Crew, we’ll waive the membership fee.  Then, you can open an account with as little as $5.  Next, PECU Zoo Crew kids accounts earn interest.  In fact, they earn slightly higher interest than regular savings accounts. The fun doesn’t stop there.  As an incentive to keep saving, we’ll give kids a colorful plastic animal each time they make a deposit of $10 or more.  They’ll want to collect the whole set.  Watch for exciting promotions for PECU Zoo Crew members.

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