e-Bill Pay

Pay your bills quickly, easily and securely online with PECU’s free e-Bill Pay. While big banks might charge you extra for this service or make you sign up for unwanted tie-in products, PECU gives you e-Bill Pay for free. We’re not-for-profit. That means we don’t work for stockholders, we work for you! You can pay your bills whenever you choose with our handy online system. Pay almost anyone with the click of your mouse. Set up recurring payments for regular bills and use e-Bill Pay to schedule payments in advance. You can track your payment history and enjoy added peace of mind. Enroll in PECU’s free e-Bill Pay today through e-Branch.

Instructions to enroll in e-Bill Pay:

  1. Login to e-Branch with your PECU Login ID
  2. Click e-Services
  3. Click e-Bill Payment
  4. Select at least one account from the dropdown you would like to enroll in e-Bill Pay
  5. Click “Enroll in Bill Pay”



If you have questions about e-Bill Pay,  please call us at 512-474-1955 (or 800-772-1955 outside Central Texas) and ask for a PECU Financial Services representative