Service Pricing Schedule

Rates Effective: 08/30/2023


ACH Loan Payment Through Website FREE
Android Mobile App FREE
Apple Mobile App FREE
ATM Card – Setup FREE
ATM Transactions @ PECU & 300 + Austin Alliance ATMs FREE
Benefits Plus Checking(First 90 Days) FREE
Closing Costs on Home Equity Loans $100, 000 or Less FREE
Credit Card Annual Fee FREE
Credit Card Balance Transfer Fee FREE
Credit Card Cash Advance Fee FREE
Credit Card Grace Period FREE
Credit Card Purchase Protection FREE
Credit Card Zero Liability FREE
Direct Deposit FREE
e – Alerts FREE
e -Bill Pay FREE
e – Branch(Internet Transactions–formerly MemberConnect) FREE
e – Decision(Online Loans) FREE
e – Deposit FREE
e – Statements FREE
Incoming Wire FREE
Internet e – Branch Account History Printouts FREE
Internet e – Branch Balance Inquiries FREE
Internet e – Branch Check Copies FREE
Internet e – Branch Transfers FREE
MasterCard Check Card – Setup FREE
Membership Fee For Kids Accounts FREE
Membership Fee For Teen Accounts FREE
Non – Business Coin Counting FREE
Notary Services FREE
Online Loan Application FREE
PECU Checking FREE
Quick Decision Online Loan Application FREE
Service Center Access FREE
Shared Branch Transactions at 5, 000 + Global CU Service Centers FREE
Signature Guarantee FREE
Telephone Banking(PhoneStep) FREE
Telephone Banking Balance Inquiries FREE
Telephone Banking Transfers FREE
Two Check Copies Per Statement FREE
Unlimited Check Writing FREE


Account Research/Reconciliation ($10 minimum) $20/hr
Business Loose Coin Count $100+ 1.00%
Cashier’s Check-Member $3.00
Cashier’s or Teller Check-Non Member $10.00
Collection Item-Incoming $10.00
Credit Card, Debit Card & ATM Sales Draft Copy $15.00
Legal Action (Garnishment, Levy, Etc.) $50.00
Money Order $1.50
Tellers Check $3.00
Wire-Outgoing Domestic $15.00
Wire-Outgoing International $50.00


Account History / Statement Copy $3.00
Benefits Plus Monthly Fee $4.95
Cash Orders(Orders of $10, 000) 0.1%
Check Copy(In Excess of 2 Per Month) $2.00
Classic Checking Minimum Balance Fee, if $300 minimum balance not maintained $5.00
Credit Card or ACH PECU Loan Payment Initiated By Phone $15.00
Double Nickel Benefits Plus Monthly Fee $3.95
Early Closure(Within 6 Months of Opening) $10.00
New Member Fee(One – Time Fee) $5.00
Non – Sufficient Funds(NSF) $35.00
Overdraft Privilege(Courtesy Pay) $35.00
Overdraft Transfer from Savings $5.00
Returned Deposited Item – Member $35.00
Returned Deposited Item – Non Member $10.00
Returned Statement Bad Address $5.00
Skip – A – Payment Fee $25.00
Stop Payment – ACH/Check $35.00
Stop Payment – Cashier’s Check* $35.00
Stop Payment – Teller Check $35.00
Stop Payment – Money Order* $35.00
Temporary Checks(12) $3.00
Verification of Deposit $5.00

*Payment can not be stopped until 90 days after issuance.


ATM Transaction At Non – Alliance ATM $1.50
Currency Conversion Fee 1.00%
Damaged / Lost Card Replacement $5.00
Gift Card Purchase Fee $2.95
Reload Fee At PECU $3.95
Reloadable Card Purchase Fee $7.95


SB 3” x 5” $15.00
SB 3” x 10” $30.00
SB 5” x 10” $45.00
SB 10” x 10” $70.00
SB Drilling $125.00