Free Services

Your PECU membership is a passport to dozens of free services that often cost money at big banks.  You can see many of them on our website by reviewing the PECU Service Pricing Schedule.  Here’s an overview of a select group of PECU free services that can save you the most money.


  • FREE CHECKING:  According to Bankrate, the average monthly fee for checking accounts that aren’t free hit a record $16.35 in 2021.  That’s nearly $200 a year.  PECU free checking has no monthly maintenance fee, no service charges, no balance requirement, and no minimum or maximum use rules.
  • ATM FEES:  ValuePenguin says banks charge non-customers up to $5 per ATM transaction, but non-bank ATM operators often charge as much as $10 per transaction–that can add up to more than $500 per year if you do just one weekly transaction with a non-bank ATM operator.  Your PECU membership gives you access to your money at more than 350 totally free ATM locations around Central Texas.  What’s more, you can do free transactions at more than 5,000 worldwide shared branches.
  • CREDIT CARD FEES: says the average new credit card interest rate is 16.22%.  This rate is twice as high as PECU’s lowest Mastercard APR of 7.99%.  Settling for the average rate is like giving away an extra $8 on every $100 balance on your card when compared to PECU’s best rate.  The PECU Mastercard has no annual fee, no balance transfer fee, and no cash advance fee.  FYI, ValuePenguin says the average annual fee for cards with fees is $147.  You can save a lot with a PECU Mastercard.
  •  AUTO INSURANCE:  PECU and TruStage work with Liberty Mutual to offer you savings on auto insurance.  In fact, in a countrywide survey, drivers that switched to Liberty Mutual saved an average of $665 on their auto insurance.  What’s more, click our website for free quotes on other types of insurance.
  •  ZOGO:  PECU gives you the top-rated Zogo app free.  It has more than 500 financial education modules.  You can save money by learning more about many things such as budgeting, debt, loans, cutting costs, coupons, saving, credit, insurance, taxes, housing, investing, utilities, shopping smartly, and much more.


We’ve just touched on some of the major free services that PECU has for you in this article.  Every dollar counts.  Many more free services you receive from PECU include:  ACH loan payment, Android & Apple mobile app, closing costs on Home Equity loans $100,000 or less, e-Bill Pay, e-Branch, incoming wires, insurance quotes, IRA setup, membership fee for kids and teen accounts, mobile deposits, non-business coin counting, notary services, online loan application, signature guarantee, title transfer fee for auto refinance, and unlimited check writing.