We created this Learn More About PECU section of your newsletter to address key topics related to your credit union. We post all of the Learn More About PECU articles on our website. This time, we want to talk about PECU’s helpful MyCardRules service.  You can use your mobile device to manage your PECU debit and credit card activity and spending.  Download the MyCardRules app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. With a few quick taps, MyCardRules lets you turn your cards on or off, set spending limits, and get alerts. You can set a wide range of controls and alerts on your PECU cards. This includes:

  • Turning your card on or off
  • Setting and lowering transaction spending limits based on your preferences, including dollar amount, transaction type, and merchant type
  • Getting instant alerts on certain types of transactions, including declined transactions and alerts for e-commerce and mail/phone orders when the card is not present
  • Setting a specific region where the card can be used, or restricting usage based on your mobile device’s location
  • Setting parental controls and monitoring

Alerts will show up just like other notifications you get on your mobile device. Because you can manage your PECU debit and credit card transactions all in one place, you have complete control of how, when, where, and who uses your cards. Knowing that you’ve set your specific card rules gives you added peace of mind. Try MyCardRules today!

MyCardRules on the App Store

MyCardRules on Google Play


Need help accessing PECU online and/or using MyCardRules?  Feel free to call PECU Financial Services at 800-772-1955.