Online e-Bill Payment Service

You can save time and money by using PECU’s free online e-Bill Payment service.  Instead of paying your rent on one site, your credit card bill on another, your electric bill on another, and your phone bill on yet another, you can use PECU’s convenient online e-Bill Payment service to take care of all of your bills at once. You can do this through PECU’s website or PECU’s mobile app. In fact, PECU’s online e-Bill Payment service lets you make individual or recurring electronic payments from your PECU account. This makes it easier to organize your bills and pay them when they’re due. If you juggle rent or a mortgage, cable and electricity bills, credit card payments and more, e-Bill Payment can save you lots of time, help you avoid late fees, and save you money on stamps and other mailing costs.


How does PECU’s free online e-Bill Payment work? Start by logging in online or through the PECU mobile app to your PECU account. Next, navigate to the e-Services heading on the left side of the page. In the app, press the blue menu block in the upper-left corner. Choose e-Bill Payment under the e-Services heading. You can then add any provider you want to pay by clicking “Add Payee” and plugging in the account number and billing address. Once you’ve added the payee, you can click them anytime, enter the amount you want to pay, and choose the date you want the payment processed.


PECU’s e-Bill Payment also offers you many more convenient features. This includes the ability to set up recurring payments, payee categories, electronic alerts, rush payments and eBills. The eBills feature presents due dates and the amounts from your billing statement to alert you when it’s time to schedule payments. Access PECU’s free online e-Bill Payment anytime to conduct your preferred transactions.


FOR MORE INFORMATION: Have questions? Need help accessing PECU online and/or using our free e-Bill Payment service? We want to help you. Feel free to call PECU Financial Services at 800-772-1955.