PECU Has Many Types of Savings Accounts

Lots of members say they want to save more money. We can help!  What follows is an overview of the many types of savings accounts PECU has for you. If you have any questions, please contact a PECU Financial Services Representative by calling 800-772-1955 or e-mailing


  • SAVINGS ACCOUNTS: All PECU members have a savings account. A $5 balance must be maintained to remain a member and utilize PECU products and services. The account must have a balance of at least $100 to earn dividends. The dividend rate and annual percentage yield are determined by the credit union Board of Directors. See website for current rate and APY.


  • MONEY MARKET: This is an interest-bearing account used for investment purposes. The minimum required to open a Money Market account is $2,000. You earn interest daily whenever a $2,000 balance is maintained. Money Market accounts offer a higher interest rate than regular savings accounts. There is a tiered dividend rate depending on your balance. Money Market accounts offer access to funds comparable to regular savings accounts, plus they allow you to withdraw money without penalty.


  • CERTIFICATES (CDs): PECU certificates are interest-bearing accounts used for investment purposes. Certificates tend to have the highest yields among savings accounts, plus you can lock in your rate for the term of your certificate. There is a minimum deposit of $1,000 to open a certificate and earn interest. PECU offers various certificates with terms of six months to four years. We may impose a penalty if you withdraw funds from your account before the maturity date of the certificate.


  • JUMBO CDs: Jumbo CDs are CDs for those that have been saving for a while. They offer our best interest rate. You need a minimum balance of $90,000 to open a Jumbo CD.


  • IRAs: IRA stands for Individual Retirement Account. An IRA is a long-term retirement vehicle. It can be established as a savings account or share certificate. Traditional, SEP, Roth, HSA, and ESA plans are available. Earnings and contributions vary by plan. The minimum required to open an IRA is $25. You may want to contact PECU to learn more about IRAs.


  • HOLIDAY SAVINGS: You can save money for the holiday season by depositing money at your own pace into a Holiday Savings Account. It takes just a $5 minimum deposit to open one. Holiday Savings Accounts have a higher interest rate than regular shares. For your convenience, there is an automatic disbursal of funds on the first business day of November.


  • KIDS AND TEEN ACCOUNTS: These accounts help your kids start saving money and learning about money. PECU Zoo Crew accounts are for kids from 0-12 years old. Club Bling accounts are for teens 13-18 years old. Both accounts earn interest, have no monthly fee, require no minimum balance, and can be used with the mobile app.