Setting Up and Using e-Alerts On Your Account

Stay informed about activity in your PECU accounts with free e-Alerts. e-Alerts are emails or text messages sent to notify you of certain transactions or events happening on your account. This means you’ll know quickly when important activity occurs. Help prevent fees with balance alerts and combat identity theft and unauthorized account access. PECU’s free e-Alert service is available as a choice within our e-Branch. There are flexible settings to allow you to choose the different types and frequency of the alerts you would like to receive.


To sign up for e-Alerts:

1) Login to e-Branch with your PECU Login ID

2) Click e-Services

3) Click e-Alerts

4) Select which e-Alert you would like to add from the dropdown

5) Customize the alert you select with your contact information and criteria desired

6) Click continue


Some of the most popular e-Alert options that PECU members use include: Insufficient Funds, Direct Deposit Received, Large Withdrawal, Loan Payment Due, Loan Past Due, Large Debit Card or ATM Transaction, Large Credit Card Purchase, Mailing Address Change, and E-mail Address Change. There are many other e-Alert options. They include Low Balance, NSF, Courtesy Pay, Overdraw Transfer (ODT), Draft Withdrawal, Specific Check # Cleared, Maturing Certificate, Loan Payment Made, Loan Payment Change, Low Available Credit, Line of Credit Advance, Low Available Line of Credit, Online Banking Access, and Online Banking Share Transaction. Please know there is no limit to how many alerts you can choose.


To change an e-Alert, click the “Edit” image next to the e-Alert you would like to change. This brings up a form that allows you to edit the details for this e-Alert. Click the “Continue” button once you have completed your changes. To stop receiving e-Alerts, click the “Delete” image next to the e-Alert you would like to stop receiving. This will remove this e-Alert from your account. To stop receiving all e-Alerts, simply delete each e-Alert you are signed up to receive.


All e-Alerts sent for the past 90 days can be viewed by using the “e-Alerts Sent” section at the bottom of the Setup screen. Enter a date range in the “From” and “To” boxes, then click “Show” to see your past e-Alerts.


If you have any questions about e-Alerts, please call PECU at 800-772-1955, or email