Credit Cards



Credit cards are valuable tools that help you build credit, make convenient payments, and meet everyday expenses in your life.  They provide a key foundation for your credit score. Responsibly using credit cards helps you achieve many financial goals.  PECU offers five types of credit cards to help you: Standard MasterCard, Gold MasterCard, Platinum MasterCard, Share Secured MasterCard & Fast Track MasterCard.  All PECU cards are highly secure, globally accepted, offer generous credit lines, and interest-free grace periods.

A credit card is a line of credit you can use to make purchases, balance transfers, and cash advances.  Think of a credit card as a loan.  You are approved for a loan amount (your credit limit) that you can spend.  Each month, you’re committed to paying some of the loan back (your minimum monthly payment).  Whenever you don’t pay if off in full, you’ll be charged interest on the remaining balance, and the interest is added to what you owe.  Always try to make a payment higher than the minimum payment unless that is all you can afford.  It’s important to have a good interest rate on your credit card.  PECU MasterCards have an annual percentage rate as low as 7.99%, plus they have no annual fees, no cash advance fees, and no balance transfer fees.

Our credit cards offer you convenience, revolving credit, financial flexibility, and the ability to monitor and track your spending.  Your PECU MasterCard can interact with your deposit accounts.  This facilitates transactions between them, such as cash advances being deposited in your checking account, and the ability to make payments to your credit card by transferring money from your checking and savings account.

You can track your credit card spending through PECU’s free mobile app, eBranch online system, and through the friendly employees at any PECU lobby branch.  PECU’s fraud center monitors your activity 24 hours a day.  You may be texted, e-mailed or sent phone messages related to potential fraud.  PECU will never ask for your account or personal information.  Remember, when in doubt, don’t give information out.  You can use MyCardRules to control your PECU credit cards.  You can turn your cards on and off, set spending limits, and get alerts, all with a few quick taps.  If you have a question about credit cards, call PECU at 800-772-1955.