PECU and Zogo will pay you to learn financial literacy!

Play Zogo to learn financial literacy and earn gift card rewards from your favorite brands.


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Up your financial literacy game and earn downloadable gift card rewards from your favorite brands such as Amazon, Apple, Starbucks, Nike and 10+ more.

PECU is proud to bring you Zogo – a fun and engaging way to improve your financial literacy.  Just download the app, play bite-sized fun modules, and earn $5, $10, $15 and $20 downloadable gift cards.  Earn while you learn!  It’s free to play. Click the Apple or Android icon below to download.

Earn 1,000 extra points for referrals.

That’s right, you earn 1,000 points each time you successfully refer a friend to download and play the PECU Zogo app. Click INVITE inside the app to start referring people.

Not a PECU member yet?

  • When you join PECU, you help support our local community.
  • PECU will waive the new member fee, reimburse the $5 it takes to join, and give you 5,000 bonus pineapple points!
  • By joining, you’ll also unlock a full suite of bonus opportunities.
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Already a PECU member?

Like Zogo?  Here are more fun reward opportunities you can enjoy by being a PECU member.

  • $300 AUTO LOAN OPPORTUNITY. PECU members that get a new, used, or refinanced auto loan with PECU can get up to $300 and no payments for 90 days.  Click for details.
  • $50 CREDIT CARD CASH OPPORTUNITY.  We’ll pay for your first charge (up to $50) when you mention Zogo and get a new PECU MasterCard.  Click for details.


Start a PECU Zogo Challenge where your high school, middle school, sports league, booster club, project graduation, business, etc. challenges a similar organization for a month. Each organization will win money. The organization that has the most Zogo activity will be crowned the Zogo Challenge Champion and win a larger amount of money. The person with the most Zogo points wins a $50 individual prize. You only need 25 Zogo players to be able to compete and win money. Email Scott Murphy at smurphy@pecutx.org for more details.